Fleeting- This Final Act


Looking back now, staring long and hard into the Abyss I have become,

Forever lost in a 24 hour loop of Midnight,

I see it all clearly, as Life’s tilt draws me closer to the edge,

“Can you hear me?… Can you see me?”  peering over this ledge.

Cowering in a corner, Behind these black walls, slipping away

Will mama notice?, I have cleaned out my room so she doesn’t have to, when I’m gone.

The loneliness, now irresistibly attractive.


I think of the wise King Solomon,

Far beyond the wisdom of man, far beneath the wisdom of God.

And all that wisdom summed into three words: “All is vanity”,

There are no truer truths than the blank spaces of emptiness in between those words.


So let the universe be theatre, may she bear witness to this final act

I bid mirrors and shadows farewell, they listened, they understood, they were my friends,

One final bow and I draw a close, to this mime act called life.

A fleeting tragic satire, parody, of master and puppet

The voices in my head get louder and louder

I am as a puppet on lifes strings, dangled endlessly, tirelessly,

my screams of agony are muffled in feathered pillows,

In an instant I cut lose these strings!

and The show is over.


I see crowds disperse; as the master prepares my replacement,

for the first time, in that moment, I am free.

sprawled on the stage, tired, worn out, Lifeless, I am free.

One last breath to see the stars, high in the sky, mighty and vast

I bask now in their afterglow,

Fleeting, softly, gently so.


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